08 April 2009

Easter Story in Eggs

I found this great idea to go along with the Resurrection Eggs (or Easter Story in Eggs) that I bought a few years ago. We have done this for several years and my kids really enjoy opening the eggs and seeing what trinket is inside. The only problem is they don't use the King James Version, so I printed out my own scriptures.

This year we are going to go a step further, and create a lapbook in the same style. Check out Jamin's cute lapbook where I found the great printables and got my inspiration.

Since I am doing this project with 6 kids, I spent a bit more time to prepare everything so that it will go smoothly and everyone will be able to decorate eggs to their hearts content.

Here is the link to the Easter Symbols Printables on the Christian Preschool Printables website.

I found some great easter eggs to color on the following website - I downloaded them, opened them up in photoshop and resized them all to approximately the same size before printing them out.

Activity Village
Coloring on DLTK
Milliande Printables
Lucy Learns

I then created a template to trace onto construction paper to make the mini books. I still have to resize the text to fit inside the eggs, maybe we'll add the text on Thursday.

05 April 2009

The 5000 Year Leap

The National Center of Constitutional Studies is offering copies of The 5000 Year Leap - the book recommended by Glenn Beck for $5 each to make it possible for people to share them with friends, family, and others. The books talks about the correct principles of government. The NCCS also sales pocket constitutions for $1 and is having a sale on their 3 book collection called the American Classic Collection ($35 - what a great deal).

I placed my order today - and for sharing this with 10 friends I am getting a free video on the constitution. I hope you will join me in sharing the principles of sound government with your friends.

This video shows some of the principles found in The 5000 Year Leap.