30 September 2008

This is a Mother's Room!

I walked into this Mother's Room and exclaimed, "This is a Mother's Room" All told, there are twelve rocking chairs, 1 changing table, and three large diaper pails, plus a handwashing sink. WOW! Where did I find such a mother's room, in a new chapel on the BYU Idaho Campus. We were attending church in Rexburg to witness the blessing of my nephew Carson Freeman. I have never seen such a large mother's room, and this one was never even half full while I was there, but according to my sister-in-law they have a lot of babies being born in Rexburg, and this mother's room was located in a building with 2 chapels - so it could very well be full someday. That is a sight I would love to see.

We recently got a new mother's room in our chapel, but it still only has 2 rocking chairs. We have pulled in a couple of folding chairs, and it is very often full, and we take turns using the chairs.
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27 September 2008

Carson and MaryAnn

The wonderful thing about digi scraping is that if you have a digital camera and a laptop, you can scrapbook anywhere. We are in the middle of our weekend roadtrip to Rexburg Idaho. Everyone else was playing Wii so I took the opportunity to take pictures of the babies and here is the result!

25 September 2008

Stand Up Mouse

I went to the doctor today and he said I needed to get a "standing up mouse." I've never heard of a standing up mouse, but I guess when you have a problem like mine a mouse that stands up is the best kind solution.

Ok, so he also said that I have a repetitive stress injury in my right wrist, and I already knew that it came from using the computer. If I avoid the computer it gets better, but digi scrapping and blogging are so much fun, besides all of the other work that I have to do on the computer it is hard to avoid the computer.

It's amazing how all the muscles and nerves in your hands can be taken for granted. Cooking, opening doors, changing diapers, signing checks, etc, etc, all are difficult when your wrist twinges if you twist i the wrong way. I've been icing my wrist, and giving it breaks for a few weeks now, but when I woke up in pain this morning I finally decided I'd better take care of me so I could keep taking care of others. I enjoy a break every once in a while, but doctor visits aren't exactly my idea of "alone time". I've been to the doctor twice this week(Isaac got stung by a bee, and his foot swelled up), and I have 3 appointments next week for MaryAnn, and now I I also have to go see a hand therapist, to get some therapy and strengthen my wrist.

So tonight, my husband ordered me a new mouse, I wonder if I can teach it to roll over, play dead, or any other tricks besides standing up!

21 September 2008

I scrapped yesterday's pictures already!

20 September 2008

We Did It!

I was joined by all three of my girls, Rebecca, Emily, and yes, even MaryAnn (only 5.5 months old), and my sister Malinda, and my sister-in-law Emily. We would have liked to start the race sooner, standing around in the rain isn't as much fun as splashing through the puddles. It was fun to join with 13,000 other women in having a "bad hair day" and yet we were celebrating being women!

MaryAnn joined me for the Special Achiever's Course of the 2008 St. Luke's Women's Walk. She was tucked into her sling, covered in a blanket, and buttoned inside my coat. While she was dry(I'm not talking diaper's) and happy we had a great time. It not only was an overcast day, it poured, it thundered, we saw lightening, and it poured, and it poured some more. By the time the walk started we were soaked, yet our spirits were still high.

I did feel a little let down that I didn't complete the whole course, since I committed to this walk I've been walking almost daily to prepare. However, I knew that I could have completed - so I instead took care of MaryAnn, you never know when a baby is going to say, "Ok Mom, I'm tired of being wet(soaked to the skin) and hungry" After having to stop at the Jackson's convenience store about a quarter of a mile into the walk to feed her, and found out that she wasn't as protected as we thought we knew that her needs had to come first.

I'm already looking forward to next year, my girls are quite so sure!

09 September 2008

Date Night - all by Myself?

Last Friday night I took myself on a date, by myself, no husband, no baby, just me. I even spoiled myself, I bought 2 new pairs of shoes, one pair for church, and one pair because I desparetly needed them. I've been wearing old moccasin for a long time, and all my lace up shoes were lousy. Since I'm doing the women's walk in 2 weeks I figured I'd better get a decent pair of shoes and get them broke in before September 20th.

Ok, so usually a date does consist of 2 people, but my husband had been sickish all week and wasn't feeling up to going out (shopping) with me, and our live in babysitter, was visiting her Aunt and Uncle for the weekend, so I had no other choice, but to go by myself while my husband watched a movie with the boys and the baby slept peacefully.
The best part of the evening was browsing peacefully through Deseret Book. I had time to explore, and look at books, to get ideas for Christmas presents (I do my present buying almost exclusivly at DeseretBook), without the pressure of making decisions.

Here's a few of my great finds - that I may purchase in the near future.
(I only bought the 2 items I had on my list!)
This reminded me of the American Girls book "The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls " that I mentioned in Spa Night with the Girls. My sister has a great beauty quote on her bathroom wall, that I love, maybe she'll post it in the comments for us - it talks about inner beauty. This book looked like it incorporated inner and outer beauty.
It looked like a great book, and it will probably appear in my home in the near future as a Spa Night read.

I have been trying to read the Book of Mormon and figure out who's who and what the geneology is, and some of the different war scenarios, so this book really caught my eye. It would be a fun book to study and learn a lot more about the Book of Mormon. I find that the better that I understand the storyline, the easier it is to understand the messages.

I love John Bytheway, we listened to his tapes over and over as teenagers. I still have some of his tapes and the time is soon coming that I will be sharing them with my kids. What a great collection, and take a look, he was done so many different projects - there are 46 different products.

So many books, so little time!

08 September 2008

Earaches - My plan of attack

Isaac began complaining of an earache yesterday. He didn't seem to understand that while we were in the car driving to Grandpa's house there just wasn't anything that I could do about it. When we got there I had him lay down and put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in his ear. It is a weird feeling, and the kids wait until I tell them they can roll over and drain it out, but they ask for it again when their ears hurt again.

After the hydrogen peroxide I usually use Wally's Ear Oil, just a drop or two of that in your ear is very soothing. Sometimes I'm extra nice and warm it up in a jar of hot water, but usually I just use it room temperature. Since we were at my Dad's I started asking what he might have, he suggested Olive Oil. Olive oil it was, it has medicinal and pain relieving properties as well. Isaac requested more drops throughout the evening.

This morning first thing I loaded up all the kids and took them to my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. (Most of the kids were fighting runny noses.) They all got a good tune up. The chiropractor said Isaac's "c-1 was lateral", I think? Ok, so I'm not sure how chiropractic works exactly, but I know that it does. Ever since Rebecca escaped having tubes in her ear after a few appointments with the chiropractor he is my doctor of choice for most ills.

We've also done ear candling as well. I had forgotten about that, but Isaac hadn't, he requested it today, and since we had an ear candle left over from few years ago, we did it. His ear was still hurting off and on today, so we will head back to the chiropractor tomorrow. It is a much simpler solution than 10 days of forcing a healthy child to take an antibiotic.

Treacle Fudge - Not a Hit!

I promised to make Treacle Fudge in my Read the Book - Go Deeper Post.

Treacle was was not a hit at our house. Rebecca and I made it for Family Home Evening treat tonight. It was pretty funny, I had the recipe and invited her to come help me. We had it almost all the way made before she figured out that it was from Harry Potter. Finally, she says, 'it's from Harry Potter, I know who Rosmerta. I thought I recognized the word Treacle."

Here's the recipe in case it ever disappears from the mugglenet website
Rosmerta's Treacle Fudge

Treacle Fudge is a sweet treat from Mrs. Weasley or a tooth-breaker from Hagrid. Be sure yours doesn't get too hard! (Many thanks to Aurora for this recipe)

½ cup light cream or evaporated milk
¾ cup firmly packed brown sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/3 cup molasses Directions:Step 1: In a large bowl, mix cream, brown sugar and salt together.Step 2: In a saucepan, melt the chocolate and butter together. Remove from heat and add molasses.Step 3: Add the chocolate mixtures and cream mixtures together. Pour mixture into a pan and let cool.Step 4: Cut into squares after cooled and serve. Enjoy!

I learned the treacle is a byproduct of making sugar, similar to molasses, can be used as a remedy against poison, or as a table syrup. (www.treacle.net)

However, the fudge is very rich, our was very runny, more like a syrup. I like molasses, so I thought it was good, and Kevin really enjoyed it! No one else liked it, Brad made quite the face. I think that it would make a nice syrup over vanilla ice cream.


Another side note - I mentioned that I also learned that in latin "accio" means, "I summon". Just a few minutes ago Rebecca came and asked if she could look up what some of the other curses or spells meant, because she doesn't know what they all are for. YES! This "inspire, not require", and "go deeper" concept actually works. I spent time today reading mugglenet.com and it was quite interesting, I'm sure she can learn quite a bit, maybe latin could be in our future?

07 September 2008

Valiant 10 Girls

I had a wonderful experience today teaching the Valiant Girls class. I love being their teacher, and some weeks we have great lessons, and other weeks I feel like it flopped. Of course, I'm not as prepared the weeks that it flops, so it goes to show that the problem is all mine.

I was prepared this week, and it was such an amazing lesson. The chapters were 3rd Nephi 8-11. This is when Jesus is crucified in Jerusalem, and the earth shakes and their is darkness for 3 days. Then, Christ speaks.

I downloaded chapter 9 onto my MP3 player. I set the stage by have the girls sit in a semicircle, with everything under their chairs. Usually we sit at a table with our Book of Mormon's open. I wanted them to concentrate on the spirit today, not on the written word. I read to them some of the verses and told them my story about being in the tent at Bruneau when I thought the tent was going to fall down. I turned out the lights and explained that it was total and complete darkness. I tried to turn on my flashlight, but it did not work. However, I explained that even in the midst of chaos and darkness, it is possible to feel peace.

I then turned on the MP3 player and we listened the Chapter 9, when is almost entirely a direct quotation from the Savior. Having it read in a male voice, while we sat in near darkness was a neat experience. As the Savior lists the names of the cities that were destroyed, I paused the reading, and encouraged them to think how they would feel if he was saying that Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Salt Lake City, had been destroyed. It was so powerful.

I turned on the lights and explained that the people were then able to rebuild their lifes. To find family members, to build new houses, to gather to the temple in Bountiful. I read to them how Heavenly Father introduced Jesus to them, and how he descended into the midst of the people.I asked them who had been in the conference center. We tried to guess at how many people the center could seat. We guess in the thousands, I just looked it up and it is 21,000. I suggested that the "multitudes" that were at Bountiful could easily have been the same size, yet Jesus invited each one to come and feel the prints in his hand and in his feet. We compared that to how long it took for the thousands of people to say "goodbye" to President Hinckley. The best info I could find quickly said 100,000 people in 2 days. I know that we don't know the numbers or the time to visit Jesus, but it doesn't really matter, the point was made that it was a truly unique experience and one that those people cherished.

I read a few more verses, quotes from the Savior, allowed the girls to ask questions or share feelings, and then it was time to go. Our class time always passes so quickly, I wish that I had more time with these girls.

I had a rare treat of sitting with them during Sharing Time, usually I have to care for MaryAnn, and as they were leaving several of them told me how much they enjoyed the lesson today. That meant so much to me, the spirit was so strong, and I so wanted them to feel the spirit and to feel Heavenly Father and Jesus's love for them. I was able to give most of them a hug as they expressed they appreciation for the wonderful lesson.

I know that every lesson can't be as powerful, but I hope and pray that these girls are having spiritual experiences in our class that will help them in their lives.

04 September 2008

Read the Book - Go Deeper

At my book group last week I shared a Harry Potter story and got some great advice along the way. First, the flashback, Brad is listening to the Harry Potter series on his pocket pc while he does yard work, and in the truck on his commute. Grandma Glasgow read book 7, then book 6, then book 7 again. Most of the family has watched the movies this summer (I've caught bits and pieces), Rebecca read the entire series this summer, with only little breaks. Emily is on book 4(she skipped 2 because it was lost). Uncle James has the entire series memorized ( well, maybe not quite but almost).

When Rebecca finished the series Brad and I agreed that she needed to read something else for awhile, some classics. She however, wanted to start the entire series again. After about 2 days she came crying to me, and explained how hard it was for her to see everyone else reading Harry Potter and for her to be "forbidden" to read it. We agree that she would read a "classic" between every Harry Potter book, but then , what was a classic? I helped her pick out some books that "might be" classics, but at least she was expanding her horizons.

I finally got around to finishing my reading of "A Thomas Jefferson Education". Reading the chapter on classics led me to a great dinner time conversation with my family. I asked them to help me decide if Harry Potter was a classic.

I got this far and realized I had already written about this topic is this blog post Classics - Chapter 5.

However, the point I wanted to make tonight was that when I told this story in my book group I was given this advice -
"Read the Books." I've read the books, I was the first one in my family to read the books, years ago. I enjoy them, but I've been telling myself that I don't have time to read them again, that I need to read other classics, to further my education. The next piece of advice struck me however, "Go Deeper".

"Go Deeper" what does that mean. Well, find something in the book that inspires you to learn more, and then learn more. Some suggestion that I recieved were find out what all the names of the characters mean, learn more about England, study dragons, etc. Ok, I get that - so I came home and started reading the books.

I asked the girls yesterday, How did Hermione get to Diagon Alley. She was muggle born, the paperwork the Harry got didn't tell him where to buy his school supplies, so how did Hermione find out. Someone suggested the she read in a book, but what book, she didn't know she was a witch.

I finished the second book today, and just looked up treacle fudge - google found "Results 1 - 10 of about 53,300 for treacle fudge. (0.27 seconds)" So, next week we make treacle fudge, I hope it turns out like Mrs Weasley's and not Hagrid's.

The other thing that I realized as I have been rereading the series is that I'm understanding the stories better, and picking up on new and different information. I'm still learning, and seeing the stories in a new light. I read these books as an adult, I can see how as a child she can really gain from rereading the book.

Again, I stand corrected.

I'm Committed

I wrote about the book Running with Angels a few weeks ago - so here's the update, I'm committed to running in the St. Luke's Women's Walk. I decided to commit when I went to girl scout camp with Emily. The lady that I drove up with has walked several years in a row and she has a muscle wasting disease. I decided that if she could do it that I could. I came home and started walking nearly every day. It's about a half mile walk around the loop that I live on and I'm up to for loops (apx 2 miles) in half an hour.

It feels so wonderful to be out walking - I've always really enjoyed walking and being outdoors. Some days I get to go alone, some times I take the kids, or random subgroups of kids, and sometimes the whole family goes together. Now that I've started taking Kevin in the stroller it is more of a workout. When Kevin was walking we had to go slow, his legs are short. I listen to my mp3 player when I go alone or just with the babies. I'm able to exercise both physically and spiritually and it is a great blessing in my life.

Pamela Hansen listed 10 techniques in her book - I'm just going to list them here, so that I can come back to them and expand on them as I have time.

1. Seeking and expressing gratitude for divine and earthly help.
2. Rejuvenating myself physically and mentally
3. Having a plan and holding myself accountable.
4. Rearranging my priorities.
5. Replacing bad habits with good ones.
6. Recording measurements and feelings.
7. Staying motivated by trying on clothes in a smaller size.
8. Listening to inspiring music.
9. Making a dream/nightmare photo book.
10. Learning from life's lessons.

Ideas and the Classics

I found this quote written down in my quote collection the other day and it has stuck with me as I've been reading and thinking about classics.

Brilliant People talk about ideas,
Average people talk about things,
small people talk about other people.

I remember leaving a playgroup years ago feeling disgusted and frustrated with the conversation amoung the mothers, it was so gossipy. I had wanted to talk about something more, worthwhile, and felt put down and left out of the circle of women.

Another time I was was two women and although I enjoyed myself I again felt left out of the conversation because it was about "Things" - the latest movie, the next big sale, etc. None of which interested me.

I felt at home the day I walked into a homeschooling mother's weekend. There really were other women who were striving to learn, to better themselves, to become better mothers, wives, and teachers to their children.

I am still woefully ignorant about many ideas, but I find myself having more ideas to discuss at the dinner table as I read the classics to myself, and especially with my family. It is wonderful to be able to discuss ideas, instead of just how many times I had to change the babies diaper.

03 September 2008

Digi Scrapping Part 2

It's been almost 4 months since I wrote my first blog article about digi scrapping - you can find it here.

Since that time I've been scrapping like crazy, except of course for the last week. I have been so busy trying to regain control of my house and getting prepared for the coming homeschool year. I'm guess I'm going through a withdrawal, and even now when I could scrap for a little while I'm having a creativity block. It been a whole week, and it's like I've lost my momentum, and I don't know where to start. I knew the time would come that the pace that I had set at almost a page a day for 3 months couldn't last forever. Besides, MaryAnn is to big to nurse while using the computer.

I did get to share my excitement this weekend with my cousin, I thought that since I knew she was good with Photoshop she would have already been into digi scrapping, but it turns out she was a paper scrapper. She is probably hooked now though. I've also addicted my sister to digi scrapping and I've been able to teach her how over the telephone and lots of emails. The digi scrapping thing is spreading, and it is so wonderful.

My Dad sent me an email today - and I thought this quote fit perfectly with the scrapbooking craze.

A Birth Certificate shows that we were born
A Death Certificate shows that we died
Pictures show that we lived!

It just so true, a picture can really make the story come to life. I've been working on my Grandma's life history for years, but since I discovered her photos in June I've really been "on fire" and my love for her and my retention of her stories has increased. Take this picture of her cheerleaders group. Grandma and her friends formed a cheerleader group, just because. Don't they look like they are having so much fun! You tend to forget that your parents and grandparents were young once.

I promised to get back to you on scanning. The best way to scan newer pictures is with a commercial scanner. I looked up lots of places online to mail my pictures off to to have them scanned, and the prices were high, and they wanted to send my precious photos across the ocean to be scanned in India or some other country. However, I was lucky enough to find out that my local Heritage Makers' consultant had access to a comercial scanner. I got about 800 pictures scanned in a weekend, for apx 25 cents a picture. It was wonderful, now I have so many more pictures of my kids in the pre-digital era to scrapbook.

However, when I discovered Grandma and Grandpa's boxes of photos I new that a the speedy commercial scanner wasn't going to work (it works with a sheet feeder). I found this program, VueScan . It has an automatic scan feature that allows you to scan a lot of pictures in a fairly short amount of time, and it automatically saves them to a file. I was putting about 5 -8 pictures on the scanbed at a time and scanning about every 10 seconds and it worked great. I was able to scan the picture in and keep them from deteriorating even further much faster than I will ever be able to process them, identify them, and scrapbook them. I found that it is easier to scan them in and the print them out to take to my Grandparents to identify them. That way they can write on the front of the picture, and I can read off the front of the picture when I process them on the computer. It is easy to get confused, so come up with a system before you get to overwhelmed with photos. If you want more info on my system, just email me throught the contact form.

Once I started getting captions for the photos I had to figure out how to save the caption with the picture, no matter where the picture was or who I emailed it to. I found several great programs, and although Picasa doesn't have all the features, it had a great price, FREE, from Google. Picasa will allow you to edit your photos, to add captions, and to search photos based on the captions, the directory names, and the file name. WOW! Important Note: Add captions, not keywords. If you add captions then email the photo to you family the captions will go with the photo, it is saved as part of the file name. If You use keywords it is only saved in the database on your computer. You can get Picasa here from Google for free.

Picasa has many neat features, it allows you to add photos to your blogger blog, you can create web albums to share with friends and family, you can easily send photos as email, and many more features.

Here's another great page by Nancy!
Till next time - remember, Pictures show that we lived!