08 September 2008

Earaches - My plan of attack

Isaac began complaining of an earache yesterday. He didn't seem to understand that while we were in the car driving to Grandpa's house there just wasn't anything that I could do about it. When we got there I had him lay down and put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in his ear. It is a weird feeling, and the kids wait until I tell them they can roll over and drain it out, but they ask for it again when their ears hurt again.

After the hydrogen peroxide I usually use Wally's Ear Oil, just a drop or two of that in your ear is very soothing. Sometimes I'm extra nice and warm it up in a jar of hot water, but usually I just use it room temperature. Since we were at my Dad's I started asking what he might have, he suggested Olive Oil. Olive oil it was, it has medicinal and pain relieving properties as well. Isaac requested more drops throughout the evening.

This morning first thing I loaded up all the kids and took them to my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. (Most of the kids were fighting runny noses.) They all got a good tune up. The chiropractor said Isaac's "c-1 was lateral", I think? Ok, so I'm not sure how chiropractic works exactly, but I know that it does. Ever since Rebecca escaped having tubes in her ear after a few appointments with the chiropractor he is my doctor of choice for most ills.

We've also done ear candling as well. I had forgotten about that, but Isaac hadn't, he requested it today, and since we had an ear candle left over from few years ago, we did it. His ear was still hurting off and on today, so we will head back to the chiropractor tomorrow. It is a much simpler solution than 10 days of forcing a healthy child to take an antibiotic.

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