04 September 2008

Ideas and the Classics

I found this quote written down in my quote collection the other day and it has stuck with me as I've been reading and thinking about classics.

Brilliant People talk about ideas,
Average people talk about things,
small people talk about other people.

I remember leaving a playgroup years ago feeling disgusted and frustrated with the conversation amoung the mothers, it was so gossipy. I had wanted to talk about something more, worthwhile, and felt put down and left out of the circle of women.

Another time I was was two women and although I enjoyed myself I again felt left out of the conversation because it was about "Things" - the latest movie, the next big sale, etc. None of which interested me.

I felt at home the day I walked into a homeschooling mother's weekend. There really were other women who were striving to learn, to better themselves, to become better mothers, wives, and teachers to their children.

I am still woefully ignorant about many ideas, but I find myself having more ideas to discuss at the dinner table as I read the classics to myself, and especially with my family. It is wonderful to be able to discuss ideas, instead of just how many times I had to change the babies diaper.

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