30 September 2008

This is a Mother's Room!

I walked into this Mother's Room and exclaimed, "This is a Mother's Room" All told, there are twelve rocking chairs, 1 changing table, and three large diaper pails, plus a handwashing sink. WOW! Where did I find such a mother's room, in a new chapel on the BYU Idaho Campus. We were attending church in Rexburg to witness the blessing of my nephew Carson Freeman. I have never seen such a large mother's room, and this one was never even half full while I was there, but according to my sister-in-law they have a lot of babies being born in Rexburg, and this mother's room was located in a building with 2 chapels - so it could very well be full someday. That is a sight I would love to see.

We recently got a new mother's room in our chapel, but it still only has 2 rocking chairs. We have pulled in a couple of folding chairs, and it is very often full, and we take turns using the chairs.
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