04 September 2008

I'm Committed

I wrote about the book Running with Angels a few weeks ago - so here's the update, I'm committed to running in the St. Luke's Women's Walk. I decided to commit when I went to girl scout camp with Emily. The lady that I drove up with has walked several years in a row and she has a muscle wasting disease. I decided that if she could do it that I could. I came home and started walking nearly every day. It's about a half mile walk around the loop that I live on and I'm up to for loops (apx 2 miles) in half an hour.

It feels so wonderful to be out walking - I've always really enjoyed walking and being outdoors. Some days I get to go alone, some times I take the kids, or random subgroups of kids, and sometimes the whole family goes together. Now that I've started taking Kevin in the stroller it is more of a workout. When Kevin was walking we had to go slow, his legs are short. I listen to my mp3 player when I go alone or just with the babies. I'm able to exercise both physically and spiritually and it is a great blessing in my life.

Pamela Hansen listed 10 techniques in her book - I'm just going to list them here, so that I can come back to them and expand on them as I have time.

1. Seeking and expressing gratitude for divine and earthly help.
2. Rejuvenating myself physically and mentally
3. Having a plan and holding myself accountable.
4. Rearranging my priorities.
5. Replacing bad habits with good ones.
6. Recording measurements and feelings.
7. Staying motivated by trying on clothes in a smaller size.
8. Listening to inspiring music.
9. Making a dream/nightmare photo book.
10. Learning from life's lessons.

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