25 September 2008

Stand Up Mouse

I went to the doctor today and he said I needed to get a "standing up mouse." I've never heard of a standing up mouse, but I guess when you have a problem like mine a mouse that stands up is the best kind solution.

Ok, so he also said that I have a repetitive stress injury in my right wrist, and I already knew that it came from using the computer. If I avoid the computer it gets better, but digi scrapping and blogging are so much fun, besides all of the other work that I have to do on the computer it is hard to avoid the computer.

It's amazing how all the muscles and nerves in your hands can be taken for granted. Cooking, opening doors, changing diapers, signing checks, etc, etc, all are difficult when your wrist twinges if you twist i the wrong way. I've been icing my wrist, and giving it breaks for a few weeks now, but when I woke up in pain this morning I finally decided I'd better take care of me so I could keep taking care of others. I enjoy a break every once in a while, but doctor visits aren't exactly my idea of "alone time". I've been to the doctor twice this week(Isaac got stung by a bee, and his foot swelled up), and I have 3 appointments next week for MaryAnn, and now I I also have to go see a hand therapist, to get some therapy and strengthen my wrist.

So tonight, my husband ordered me a new mouse, I wonder if I can teach it to roll over, play dead, or any other tricks besides standing up!

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