01 August 2008

Spa Night with the Girls

I had an enjoyable spa night with my girls last month. We had been planning it for about a week so they were really looking forward to it. We left Daddy downstairs to play with the boys and we headed up to my bathroom with our swimming suits, nail polish, and a few books.

Here are a few of the books that we had to peruse during our relaxing evening.

This is the first book that I share with my kids, from the time that they are old enough to sit on your lap to be read a story this book would be appropriate as it introduces them to the idea of families. There are pages in this book just for parents - so read it yourself before giving it to an independent reader.

I love this book for my girls - it really covers a lot of things that I probably never would have thought to cover - especially since I am not a girly girl. I tell my girls that to I am willing to talk to them about everything, but that since I don't want to forget or leave anything out we will use the book to help remind us what needs to be covered. It also gives them a place to refer back to and to study. I always remind them that if they have any questions to come and talk to me any time, with discretion. We do discuss how it is important to remember that some discussions are private and may need to wait until we can be alone.

This book explains it all - in living color, with cute cartoons, but with an appropriate attitude, maybe not reverance, but respect and with the disgression needed for a first introduction to how babies are made. Be aware, you may blush the first time you read this, so be prepared to read it a few times before sharing it with your child. I allow my children the option to have me read it to them, or they can read it themselves. They usually choose to read it to themselves, but I'm sitting right there with them to talk about it if they want.
While we were reading and discussing these books, and other topics, we were soaking in my huge bathtub (all three of us fit) in our swimming suits, and then painting each others nails. We had a great time and I look forward to many more spa nights with my girls as they are entering their 'tween and teen years.

* My girls are 9 and 10 and this was a second discussion for the 10 year old. She was excited to tell her younger sister some of the things she remembered - and it was great that I could "listen in" as she told what she remembered.

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