11 August 2008

Twin Falls Temple

We started out of family camping trip by going to Twin Falls to see the new temple. We planned to camp at Bruneau Sand Dunes on our way back so we had to pack and pack. As we filled our trailer I said, "It's a good thing we aren't pioneers, we are taking more than a handcart just for 3 days." Brad's comment to me gave me a lot to ponder, he said, "I think we were meant for different things." It was fun to pretend that like those that settled the Rocky Mountains that we had to travel quite a ways to go to the temple, even though we were able to get there in only 2 hours, we put a lot of thought and effort into packing for our trip.

I was so excited to be able to take the kids to the open house. In only 1.5 years Rebecca will be old enough to do baptisms in the temple and this was such a great opportunity to begin to teach her about the importance of the temple and to show them the beautiful work that goes into God's house. Unfortunately, Brad and I aren't very good examples of the importance of temples, even now that we live within 2 miles of the temple we don't make it there very often.

The girls had gone to the Spokane Temple Open House, but they were both under 2 so they don't have any recollection of meeting Aunt Malinda at the temple and getting to see some of the work that she was doing, and bringing home a small piece of granite(Malinda, correct me if I'm wrong) that was leftover from the temple.

Although I know that Kevin probably won't remember this trip through the temple he was so reverant, he folded his hands and followed along with everyone else.

Rebecca and Emily both have tickets to go to the dedication since it will be broadcast here in our building. I wish I could go, but I will stay home with MaryAnn and the boys. Rebecca asked me yesterday if she could find some names of ancestors so that when she is 12 she can do thier baptisms in the temple. I told her I thought that was a grand idea. It had been my plan for several years, eversince I heard my friend Tammy talk about doing research with her 11 year old daughter. We got started today by downloading PAF and Rebecca inserted everyone in our family. We are going to learn to do it, the right way, together. We are going to make sure we have the documentation to go along with the data.
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