04 August 2008

Almost Sisters

I read a great book in two days. I could hardly put it down. It was Almost Sisters by Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke, and Carroll Hofeling Morris. It was recommended by someone in the Enrichment Night book group that I attend monthly(when I can). I got it from the library and let Grandma Mackley read it first, she really enjoyed it and pointed out that it was book one of a trilogy. I finished reading it today, so tomorrow I'll have to go discuss it with her.

I identified with a lot of the different trials that these 3 LDS sisters were going through, the grief of of feeling guilty over not being sure that I wanted a baby and then miscarrying, of feeling like I have to make everything all right for everyone else, and not taking time for myself, of wanting to expand and have something more, be it a "career" or someway to change the world, but also wanting to be the best mother and wife that I can be, the conflict that comes from being 1 part of a couple, and many more. I feel like these ladies are my best friends and I wish I could be part of their little group, that I could meet up with them and share my feelings and insights with them.

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Three Tickets to Peoria, and am glad that the third book in the series, Surprise Packages, comes out this week. I found the website for the the three "almost sisters" who wrote the books, www.virtualsisters.net I can't wait to poke around their a bit more and read their biographys.

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