09 June 2009

Summer Is Here!

Spring just flew by - right from Easter Eggs to Summer Break. Ok, so summer break for a homeschooling family isn't much different than a school day, except just a lot crazier. They kids (and the Mom) are ready for a change of pace, so we put down pencils and pick up different tools. I'm thinking paintbrushes, rakes, shovels, sewing needles, etc.

Right now the girls are busy getting ready to go to Jubilation - a huge girl scout campout. They are very excited - I wish I was going with them, it sounds like a lot of fun. The following weekend the boys are headed out for the annual Father's and Son's campout. Last night Isaac informed me that I needed to go on a camping trip with him so we could "spend more time together" and fish. I'm not the fishing type, although I do really enjoy fishing.

I'm ready for so more one - on - one time with my kids as we relax and play and learn at a slower pace this summer.

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