25 June 2011

Portland Vacation

We are getting super excited for our vacation to Seaside Oregon. We leave in about 1 month.I finally found my pictures from our last vacation - I converted to a digital camera about a week after we got back from that vacation, so I had to have all the pictures scanned.

Yin Template #253<br />Sweet Summer Sun - DeDe Smith

It's been 10 years since this vacation. Isaac was only 4 months, Emily 2 years, and Rebecca 3.5. None of the kids remember seeing the ocean, going to OMSI, being surprised to see Multnohomah Falls and having time to stop and enjoy it. We loved finding new parks, camping out, and having Fruit Snack Attacks.

I used this Yin Template #253 from Simply Yin


Sherah Kraan said...

great layout! (hugs) btw, I finished re-uploading the kit you asked for too :-) HUGS

Jarom and Jennifer said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! We just barely got back from visiting the coast and Portland for our anniversary, only we went a bit further south of Seaside. It was gorgeous! enjoy your travels!
By the way, you are welcome to check out our blog, I don't remember if I gave it to you or not.

Yin said...

That is a beautiful layout!! And you made it so quickly! What wonderful memories! Isn't scrapbooking great? Thanks for linking me up :)