16 July 2012

Good Bye Ally–Hello Ice Cream!

White Chocolate Ice Cream with Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Flakes
We had a goodbye party for Allyaska and Tyler at Subzero Ice Cream. I had never heard of this ice cream shop before and it was really “cool”. There must have been at least a million possible flavors of ice cream, since you got to make a lot of choices, from what kind of dairy product, to ice cream flavor, and mix ins! Those choices seemed endless. Dad had it easy, he noticed they had a Employee Favorite of German Chocolate Ice Cream. Kevin and MaryAnn just wanted gummy bears!

WP_002869Doesn’t this ice cream look amazing!
It was so delicious.

Kevin said we had to get a picture with Uncle Tyler!

WP_002919I only took Kevin and MaryAnn, the older kids were playing volleyball at the park with their friends. It is a good thing, the store wasn’t that big and we had a large group with us!WP_002926
We were trying to get everyone to stick out their tongues – look even Grandma stuck out her tongue!WP_002927
They were having so much fun together! Kevin, Ally, and MaryAnn have so much fun together. We had a great time while Ally was with us – we love you Ally!

Imagine, even Aunt Malinda sticks out her tongue!

Should I – or shouldn’t I.
WP_002888Alright – here is a picture of me – apx 36 hours before Lydia was born! I look happy, and as long as I didn’t move I felt ok, but moving was miserable and I was so ready to have a baby in my arms, not in my tummy!

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Simplymom said...

I've missed your regular posts. What did you do, have a new baby or something???? :) Can't wait to start reading your thoughts again.