18 January 2008

Why I spent $100 for a Doll - and bought 2

I dislike shopping for dolls. I tried to find a doll for each of my kids one year for Christmas. One problem was I had a toddler boy. I wanted to buy a doll for him. I thought boys need to learn to be Dads. I knew as a toddler he would also want everything that the girls wanted. It was so hard to find dolls that were cuddly, didn't walk or talk, and weren't wearing teenage or adult style clothing. Luckily I finally found baby dolls that I like, and my girls (and boy) played with them and loved them for a few years. However, they were growing up and I was afraid that they were beyond the doll stage. However . . .

My girls were invited to participate in a co-op based around the American Girls series of books. Through this co-op we were also introduced to the dolls that went along with the books, with time period accessories. When I first saw the dolls I couldn't believe or imagine buying a doll that cost almost $100. However, after I studied the catalog, participated in the girls group studying the categories, and talked with a friend of mine whose daughter had a doll I was almost convinced. What changed my mind was an article written in the Vision Forum Catalog(www.visionforum.com). Here is an excerpt -

[img_assist|nid=121|title=Dolls and Girls|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=73|height=100]

"When a girl plays with a doll . . . she is preparing to be a mommy someday. Her first role model is her own mother, and her first opportunity at role playing is with her dolls. One of the sweetest aspects of being a mother is seeing my daughters imitate me as they play together with their dolls." - Beall Phillips(Vision Forum Catalog)

After reading this I was like, YES, this is what I want my girls to learn. Barbie dolls and Sweet Streets just aren't the same. I want them to be able to carry their doll around, to cuddle with their dolls, to sew clothes and blankets for their dolls. So I convinced my husband and for Christmas they received their dolls. The girls named them Sariah and Emily, and somedays they are around all day long, I look down the lunch table and there is Emily, with a plate and a cup, and a little bit of food. We have made blankets, and clothes. One of my favorite memories is last halloween. Emily and her doll Emily both dressed up as Idaho Vandal Cheerleaders, and Rebecca's doll Sariah was Julie Andrews, starring as Maria Von Trapp. It was so fun to make the costumes for their dolls.


Since falling in love with the dolls the night I opened them I have happened upon other wonderful dolls. I would love to become a doll collector, as long as I could collect the historical knowledge as well. Here are some websites for other wonderful dolls that I have found.


I'm so glad that my girls (ages 10 and 8) still play with dolls. I'm also looking forward to getting my new doll in April. After 2 boys, I'm ready for a new baby girl in our home.

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