08 May 2008

Diaper Crazy

My family has gone crazy - diaper crazy. I decided that I would like to try using cloth diapers with MaryAnn. I*m not sure why, advertising I guess. I have been reading Mothering Magazine the last two years. Somehow I discovered it about the time that Kevin was born. They have lots of ads for cloth diapers, and if you haven't seen an ad for cloth diapers boy are you in for a surprise. Diapers have changed in the last 30 years since I wore cloth diapers. I also have run across several articles in the last few months on the benefits of cloth diapers, and the environmental impact of disposable diapers. I*m not an environmentalist. I love the outdoors, in a clean sort of way, on an occasion. I do recycle, when it is convenient for me, which is frequently isn*t. However, as I*ve learned more about cloth diapers I decided that might be a good way to go.
I placed an order for a sample pack of cloth diapers before I left for the hospital. As we walked in the door from the hospital Brad saw the package, we made it as far as the dining room and he was opening the package of diapers. Everyone was ooohing and aaahing over brand new cloth diapers, they were all a little bit different as we wanted to find out what kind we liked best. I just stood there laughing about how excited they all were over diapers. Have you ever seen anyone ooh and aahh over disposable diapers?
It took several days before I had the diapers washed and prepped for use. I have to admit, it was fun and exciting. The first night I put cloth diapers on MaryAnn I took a picture at each diaper change. I had waited until bedtime to put these diapers on her so I could enjoy the time, and practice all by myself in the middle of the night when it was just MaryAnn and I.
I like cloth diapers. I always thought how lucky I was to live when we had disposables, but now I feel blessed to live when there have been wonderful advances in diaper covers, diaper pins, snappis, and most of all washing machines. I feel good using cloth diapers. At the first Emily asked if I wanted a cloth diaper or a "real" diaper. I think my family would now agree that cloth diapers are *for real* even if that means we are becoming peculiar.

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