10 February 2009

Bible Pop Quiz

Can you name this character from the Bible?"

"This man preached tirelessly to a people who largely rejected him. He was just and perfect in his ­gen­eration. But he was mocked by the people. Grieved by their sins, he did all that the Lord commanded him. The people sought to kill him. He constructed the means of saving all mankind. Those who followed him were saved from death. Only those who were his family were saved. His salvation also saved the animals from death."

So - do you have an answer ?

Are you sure?

Is that your final answer?

If your answer is NOAH - you are right!

But wait, was that your first answer?

If your first thought was Jesus Christ you are also right.

Trick question you say, well maybe, but so fascinating. How many other Bible characters have lives that parallel the life of Christ? Curious now? OK, here is another one.

"There was a long wait for this person's birth. His name and birth were foretold by an angel. His mother conceived miraculously and brought forth a son. He was called `the only begotten son.' He traveled to Jerusalem on a donkey. Those with him were asked to wait while he went yonder to worship and pray. He was to be sacrificed on a hill in the area of Moriah. He carried the wood to be instrumental in his death. He was one with, and in similitude of, his father. He voluntarily submitted to the will of his father. Those who accept the gospel become his seed--his sons and his daughters."

So - I bet you figured out it could be Christ, but who else?

No, I didn't figure these out by myself, but I am highly intrigued to go and study my scriptures more know and to learn more about he lives of the prophets and the Savior. I'm reading this great book called, The Holy Secret by James L. Ferrell and the best part is you can read it online for free from DeseretBook.com. The pop quiz questions posted above are only a small part of chapter 7, but don't start there, read the book from the beginning. It will open your eyes and really get you thinking about how you study the scriptures.

The Holy Secret
by James L. Ferrell
online by Deseretbook.com
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
. . .

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