28 February 2009

Opportunities and Attitude

I've thought a lot lately about how your attitude is all important. If I choose to be upset, things are upsetting, but if I choose to make the best of it, it is just a momentary setback. Disasters and tragedies become trials that only serve to make us stronger, and more aware of our strengths and weaknesses if we only have the right attitude.

I didn't realize how pervasive this was in the LDS culture - I was only just discovering (or rediscovering) it for myself. I love how Mariah Proctors says it in her "I'm grateful for the opportunity"

For Latter-day Saints, life isn't a stream of miserable events, a river of burdens or entitlements, it is instead a series of “opportunities' and that changes everything. "

Attitude really does change everything, and often we just need to slow down, and figure out what Heavenly Father is trying to teach us so that we can adjust our attitude to be one of humility and learning.

I've been trying to teach this to my kids lately. We are memorizing a scripture that Isaac chose,
and I have been trying to teach them that serving others is much more beneficial than fighting. One of the most common complaints at our house is that "so and so" didn't clear their place at the table. Of course, it would take about 5 seconds to "serve on another" and clear their place for them while clearing the rest of the table . . . but the kids seem to think that "failure to clear your place" is a felony offense and must be reported to the Kitchen Police (MOM) and tried before a judge (MOM) and punishment rendered immediately ("so and so") must clear their place right now. Can they not see that this takes about 3 minutes and causes hard feelings, drives the spirit from the room, and distracts Mom.

Maybe I should institute a Kitchen Police and time how long infringements take out of our day. The punishment could be reduced time on the computer. YEA - this might really work. It may be fun and games for awhile, but I know that it is important to teach my children to serve one another, and to love on another. That is what will serve them best in their life. Clearing the table is only a nicety.

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