01 March 2009

One Minute to a better YOU

As part of my Mom's Ed Course I read, The One Minute Teacher (by Spencer Johnson, M.D. and Constance Johnson, M.Ed.)

I really like the idea of taking just "one minute" not only to review my goals, but also to praise myself for progressing on them, and sometimes to take "one minute" to recognize that I am not progressing towards my goals and to accept taht I did something wrong but that I can turn the situation around and begine working on my gaols again. This reminds me of a quote from Flylady.

"You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to
jump in where we are. O.K.?" ~ FlyLady

I have often been guilty of thinking I am so far behind that I will never catch up, but now I try to rememder to tell myself that I don't have to catch up, I just have to start again right where I am.

As I was reading this book I kept thinking of how I need to use the One Minute Recovery when I catch myself in the kitchen eating - when I don't really need to be eating. I also need to set a one minute goal to review, and to remember to praise myself. I also could see ways that this would work with my kids.

I especially want to teach my kids to "Cooperate with Others, Compete with Myself."(pg 85) I love homeschooling my kids for this reason, rather than my kids comparing themselves to their peers it is a lot easier to teach them to compare themselves to where they were last week, last month or last year, and to teach them that as long as they are doing their best and continuing to progress they are successful. I need to teach them to set their own goals, and to learn to praise themselves, and to learn to recover gracefully when they are off track. By teaching them these tools of goal setting, praising, and recovery they can better direct their own life and learn to be the best person they can be.

This book fits in well with some of the other studies that I have been doing - see my posts on habits and sharing - even though I haven't had time to fully explore these areas they all tie together.

I found this great summary of the one minute teacher by Michele - I'd like to further explore her blog.

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