24 September 2012

Alex Boye - Doing Good as a US Citizen

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song - and this arrangement - and this video!!!

I discovered these videos a month or so ago - and just never finished writing a blog post, sometimes I get so caught up in researching that I forget to come back and actually write the post! I really enjoyed learning more about Alex Boye . . . what an amazing person to go go along with his talents. I first learned about Alex Boye (see this podcast) a few years ago when I was a regular listener of The Cricket and the Seagull Fireside Chat by Steven Kapp Perry.

Here is the making of video.

Alex Boye became and American Citizen this year and had an amazing experience at his naturalization ceremony. I like this article by the Church News - Singer Now a Citizen.

And here is the video:

What an amazing immigrant who will love and contribute to his new country!

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