11 September 2012

James, James, Morrison, Morrison

James, James, Morrison Morrison,
Weatherby George Dupree
Took great
Care of his mother
Though he was only three

These are the opening lines to a poem that I memorized in middle school. It is amazing how these lines have stayed with me for so many years. 

Here are two more poems that I learned as a kid – and still remember and say to my kids at random times, like when we are having graham crackers and milk, which I like better than animal crackers.

Poems - Little Turtle - Animal Crackers

This book is old – but very well loved. It fell apart and the cover was lost when I was a kid – and it was probably old then. The book is missing the first 18 pages, so I don’t even know the name of the book. But I loved it as a kid, and still have fond memories of it.

My kids and I have been attending a Poetry Bee once a month. It is like a spelling bee, but you recite poems instead. It has been very inspiring, and we have enjoyed learning new poems. Afterward the Poetry Bee we go for a walk by the river and enjoy the great atmosphere and company.

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