07 September 2012

Parking Garage Tips

I attended Time Out For Women with my mom and daughters tonight and it was a very fun and inspiring event.  However, the tips I have to share are from our parking garage adventures.

1. IF YOU know you are parking in a parking garage at an event center leave home early.

Woo Hop! We have been in the car a full 30 minutes and have no made it down 1 level in the parking garage!

2. If you will be driving in rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon . . . Leave home even earlier.

3. Make sure you know exactly what lane you need to be in to get to said parking garage. 

4. MAKE SURE YOU GET in the correct lane as early as possible. Failure to be in the correct lane means an additional trip around the block. 

5. Leave home earlier so you have extra time in case you do have to drive around the block.

Another level down - only 8 minutes that time.  There is hope.

6. If you are prone to motion sickness, getting dizzy, or afraid of heights be prepared with a paper bag and or pills. It is a long spiral drive up to the 7th floor.

7. If you didn't follow tip # 1 accept the fact that you are late to your meeting and pledge to leave earlier next time.

Another level down -  8 more minutes.

8. After your event visit with your friends. Walk around and look at displays. Try to find some new friends.

9. When you think it is time to go . . . Wait a few more minutes. Visit with another friend.

11. Go to the bathroom, even if there is a long line, it is ok, you have plenty of time.

7 more minutes and another level down. Progress.

12. When  you get to your vehicle check the line of traffic. Is it moving? More than an inch a minute? If not don't get in the car, it will be hot and stuffy. Turn around and leave the parking garage. Find a nice place to rest, maybe get a drink or even better ice cream. (This idea courtesy of my sister and her friends, the smart group)

Oh no, another level already. 5 minutes. I'm running out of time to write this blog post, driving is taking up too much time.

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