20 January 2009

Glasgows at Home

The Glasgows are a wild and fun loving bunch, who enjoy getting together, talking, laughing, joking, teasing, eating, talking, working, laughing, and eating, did I mention talking and laughing.
We had a great evening tonight at my Mom and Dad’s house. Bonnie, Tyler, and Ally decided to surprise everyone and move back from Florida. They discovered that it is really difficult to orchestrate a cross continent move without telling anyone, and without trapping someone in a sticky situation between a story, half truth and little white lie. You may think it deceitful, but to “a Glasgow” it is a lot of fun, and makes life much more interesting. All the hiding, truth evading, and stories came to an end tonight when the entire Gail Glasgow Clan descended upon Mom and Dad at “HOME”.

We had a wonderful evening full of love, laughter, food, talking, hugs, and joy. We worked together to put one of our favorite family meals on the table, Finger Food Delight, we lifted our voices up in song as we sang, The Primary Colors, we bowed our heads in prayer as we blessed the food, and began and ended our family home evening. We all listened and learned more about the Prophets of the 7 dispensations of the Gospel as we listened to Malinda teach us a lesson. We rejoiced in the fact that we were all together again, all 15 of us.

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Ritsumei said...

We've done that. It is, indeed, a difficult task. My folks knew something was up when we moved "home," but still, there's nothing quite like that surprise! Enjoy your family!