19 January 2009

A Second Fridge

When my Grandma moved in with us she had 2 fridges and an upright freezer. She hardly ever uses her extra fridge, so she said that I could use it. It has been so wonderful, and really saves me a lot of time and money. I am able to go shopping at Costco twice a month, get 8 gallons of milk and store it in the 2nd fridge until we need it. This saves me from having to "run to the store" late Saturday night so we have milk for Sunday. It also saves me money because I am in the store less, therefor less of a chance for items to jump into my cart that I don't really need.

We just recently discovered another item that stores well in Grandma's fridge, yogart. We love yogurt, and having a wide variety of flavor in little cartons takes up a lot of room, but now I can get our favorite Tillamook yogurt at Winco once a month (about 50 containers) can easily be stored in the extra fridge.

While MaryAnn and I were shopping this morning she made a new friend.

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