18 May 2012

4 Stitches

The boys had all gone on a Father’s and Sons Campout with Brad’s Dad, Keith. I was busy working on scrapbooking when Patty showed up to crash Emily’s birthday party, she had brought 5 girls with her, and didn’t want to drive back later, so we were visiting. My cell phone rang, I noticed it was Brad and said, “Weird, he never calls me,” and immediately worried what was wrong.

A Mother’s heart knows, Kevin needed to be seen by a doctor, he had tripped and ran into a post, and ended up with hole in his cheek, right by his lip. I told Brad to take him to the Hospital in Nampa, and was going to calmly go back to visiting. Brad, however, had other plans, he wanted me to come go to the hospital, so he could go back to the campout, all their stuff was still there afterall.

I agreed to meet him and told him to send me a glympse and I would send him one and we would figure out where to meet along the way. I quickly refilled my water bottle, asked Patty to chaperone the party, pointed out that there was food on the counter that needed put away and headed out the door.

As I pulled out of the driveway I offered a prayer, and then I realized that I didn’t want to go by myself. I was worried that I might need to hold Kevin, and reading a map while driving wasn’t safe, so I quickly called Brad’s Mom and asked her to drive me. She had already heard from Keith so she knew the situation. I stopped at her house and we headed out towards Kuna to meet the boys.

Glympse made it so easy to meet up, we only waited about 20 seconds for them to arrive. Kevin was bandaged up nicely so I didn’t even get to see what had happened until we were already in the ER room. While we waiting to be admitted, Kevin wanted to play on my phone. He didn’t want to talk or drink, it hurt his mouth to much. After the Doctor examined him I took this picture.


Kevin was so brave, the injury was to close to the mouth to use numbing cream, so they had to go straight to the needle of lidocaine. It seemed like tiny needle, but a big syringe to me. Kevin barely even twitched with most of the pokes (there were about 5) but he did squeeze my hand tight and said “ouch” once or twice. The doctor was really impressed with Kevin’s stillness and bravery.

It took a while for him to get stitched up, the doctor said it was in a very tricky place on the edge of the lip. He put one stitch deep inside, and 3 on the outside. The should dissolve in about 5 days. After he was all taken care of I wouldn’t say he was talkative, but he did talk a little bit. He never had dinner, but didn’t want to eat, but I did manage to get him to try a little bit of ice cream, after the chaos settled down.

We arrived home about 10:20pm. Almost everyone at the party was still there, including a few more adults. I showed them Kevin’s picture  briefly told them about Kevin. The kids tried disappearing downstairs so the adults could talk, but I needed to have my house to myself so I could tuck in my little ones and recoup myself, so I kicked them all out. I thanked Patty for coming and crashing the party, it was a huge blessing that she was there and I could just walk out and leave a houseful of teenage girls without worrying.

I finished eating my Pizza while listening to Emily and Rebecca tell me about the party. It sounds like everyone had a great time, Emily’s friends gave her some very nice gifts, and the party was a huge success.

I just gave Kevin some tylenol to help with the pain when the lidocaine wears off and he was able to drink some water with a straw. He is watching tv for a few more minutes, then it is off to bed with all of us.

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