23 May 2012

Power of Calm

The Power of Calm

I got this great CD at the TJED forum from Nicholeen Peck. I listened to it on the way home from forum and really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. I listened to it again today, and started to take notes, but since I was also working on the computer at the same time I missed quite a bit and my notes are incomplete. I really need to listen to it again, and actually take notes. I know that I can work on becoming more calm (yesterday was a bad day for example) and I know that my kids would enjoy being more calm themselves, they just have learned (from me) how to not be calm.
A funny thing, my friend, Patty, wrote on her blog yesterday a post that totally tied right in with my blog post. Check it out on her blog Shiver Academy – and the article The Real Baby Steps.

Notes that I got today.
Steps for having the Power of Calm

1. Power Struggle
If we aren’t calm then we feed our children’s anger.

As you can see out of the 6 steps, I only caught the first step.

Another Strategy – The Rule of 3
3 Things, 3 Times
Instruction – Out of Instructional Control
1. Pre – Teach
2. Instruction
3. Correction

1. Major Maintenance
2. Problem Solving (sodas)
3. Lose Privileges

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