02 May 2012

Sunday Morning Antics

Sitting in Sacrament Meeting with little kids can be a real challenge. Mother’s were never promised the opportunity to be able to relax and soak in the spirit that is present at sacrament meeting. However, with patience, perseverance and a lot diligence squirmy and entertaining children can grow up to be well behaved young adults who enjoy sacrament meeting.

Before then . . .

2002 - Rebecca and EmilySitting in a new ward in sacrament meeting  about 10 years ago Rebecca (age 4) and Emily (age 3), enjoyed taking the barrettes out of their hair and quietly decorating, a very patient Daddy, with them. I sat holding Isaac (18months) and watching the Bishop enjoy the spectacle. When the Bishop got up to conclude to the meeting he mentioned how much he enjoyed watching  Br. Brad Barrette patiently endure his daughter’s hair styling attempts. For the rest of the time we were in that ward he always greeted Brad as Br. Barrette.



Kevin has always enjoyed being handsome. He enjoys wearing his church clothes, especially his ties, so much so that he has been know to wear one tie to chP4130204urch, and pack another one in his scripture bag so he could change after sacrament meeting. Lately, he has taken to wearing multiple ties at one time, and can often be spotted sporting at least 2 ties at a time. I’ve had primary teachers comment to me about Kevin having forgotten his ties on morning that are particularly hectic and we get to church without any ties on at all. He informed me this year, the day before Easter, that he needed a new tie for Easter, preferably with Easter Eggs on it. How can you deny a request like that – I didn’t find a tie with Easter Eggs, but he did get a new CTR tie for Easter Sunday!

WP_002172My darling MaryAnn is a lucky little girl and has been able to wear her sisters homemade hand-me-down Easter dresses this year. This last Sunday we were sitting in church and she “tooted” and it surprised her. She started to get all excited and I was terrified that she was going to say something very loud and inappropriate, so I quickly hushed her and pulled her close to me in a loving hug. As soon as she escaped my embrace she whispered, “Mom, by bum burped!” It was so funny, but I was relieved that she said it very quietly.

Someday I know I will be able to sit quietly and soak up the Spirit of an entire Sacrament meeting without little ones sitting on me, leaning on me, whispering to me, or kicking me from the inside, like I could in my singles ward full of young adult where you could hear a pin drop during the sacrament. What a sad day that will be. I’ll hope by then I will have grandkids!

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