14 May 2012

A Mother's Life

I saw this fun video at the TJED Forum, and thought it would be a great blog post for Mother's Day.

This reminded me of another one of my favorite Mom Video's - and then I also discovered some new ones. My girls love to watch this one with me -

This one is a very nice tribute to Mother's!


An now for some more Hillary Weeks!

We do mountains of laundry at our house, but I am one of the very lucky ones, we have 3 sets of washers and dryers, my older kids do their own laundry, my husband helps out a lot with our laundry, Grandma Mackley folds all the downstairs laundry, and matches socks!!! I don't know how we would survive laundry without Grandma.

Emily has even started taking over most to the little kids and kitchen laundry, so really I'm a very lucky Mom.

Happy Mother's Day! (a day late) I was on vacation yesterday.

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