09 May 2012

Londyn LaRae Says Okay

Salt Lake City 2012 Thomas Jefferson Education Family ForumMy older girls and I attended the TJED Forum in Salt Lake City this past weekend. It was a great experience and we all learned so much and came home inspired to become . . . better.

From previous experience attending this Forum and other homeschooling conferences I tend to come home, unwind, regroup, and never look at my notes again. This time, I have a plan. My sister challenged me to a blog post a day for the month of May, and so far I’ve only missed 1 day (which I hope to make up for by doing 2 sometime). I realized that I could accomplish 2 tasks at the same time, I can blog about the things that I learned, the neat products I discovered, and the journey that I am taking to improve. So, expect to hear a lot about the TJED Forum and exciting new programs and products that I have discovered.

Londyn LaRae Says Okay! I love to buy books, for myself, and for others. So I came home with books as presents for my kids. This book is a brand new book, just published in March 2012. I got this for MaryAnn, but my goal is to have all of the kids read it to her – so they can all learn right along with her. I read it to her last night and I loved it. The pictures are beautiful and it rhymes. I love rhyming books.

Even better, it teaches kids how to important it is to obey, and provided steps for them to follow. MaryAnn had a really rough day today. It seemed she was yelling or upset all day long. This evening I remembered this book, and we started talking about the steps, and it was amazing. She managed to say, “OKAY” and obey.

This book is written by Nicholeen Peck, and she is amazing. I have heard her several times over the years, and each time I’ve taken away a new little thing that I’ve tried to implement, unfortunately as I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t managed to really learn the techniques and teach them to my kids in any lasting way. Reading the book over and over is going to be a great help.

Nicholeen Peck has so much more to offer than just this one book. Check out her website Teaching Self Government, and remember, I highly recommend this book. I will be revisiting the Teaching Self Government website in the future.

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