21 May 2012

Mutella & Crackers

WP_002572The past 2 weeks have found MaryAnn covered in nutella about once a day. When she is hungry she asks for “Mutella and Crackers”. She often gets Kevin to help her and then after about 20 minutes of peace and quiet I have a table and 2 happy kids covered in a sticky chocolate substance.

Last week we were out of Nutella and I was supposed to by some at the store, but I forgot when I went to Costco. I had a disappointed(read crying) little girl on my hands.

The next day I was telling Grandma Georgeson about how much MaryAnn loved Nutella and that I had forgotten to by her some. Grandma pulled a brand new jar of Nutella out of the cupboard and gave it to MaryAnn, she was so excited to have her own jar of Nutella!

Today we were at my parents and MaryAnn was hungry and asked if Grandma Glasgow had “Mutella and Crackers”? Grandma Glasgow also loves Nutella so MaryAnn was able to have her favorite snack. I got in big trouble when I tried to eat a couple of her crackers.

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