12 May 2012

I’m Happy

She loves to talk, and wants to be heard. She will repeat the same thing over and over again until she is sure that you have heard her and responded to her. (Sometimes this can be a little annoying.) I think she is going to be a great communicator, because, “ok”, “yes” and “sure”, don’t count as an appropriate response. She actually wants to hear you repeat back what she is telling you, which is a great communication skill.


I’m Happy” & “You’re my Friend” are 2 of my favorite things that I hear from my 4 year old MaryAnn. She loves to come tell me “I’m happy” and I love to hear it, it brightens my day and helps me to remember the importance of a happy attitude! She also like to count and name her friends. She will say, “Becca’s my friend, Isaac’s my friend, Emily’s my friend, Kevin’s my friend, and You’re my friend.”

I am so happy that she has a relationship with all of her siblings. I know that homeschooling allows her to spend time with her older siblings and that they get to love and serve each other everyday, and that is so important to me.


I’m happy and I’m so glad that MaryAnn is not only my friend, but my daughter, and I love her so much!

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reikkmmom said...

I thought that this got posted last night - I wrote it - and the apparently forgot to post it. My Mom noticed that I hadn't posted!