03 May 2012

On the Road Again

I wonder if my kids have ever even heard this song by Willie Nelson. I grew up listening to him and often think of the refrain to this song as we head out on a trip.

Rebecca, Emily, and I took off this afternoon and headed to SLC. We had a pleasant trip and enjoyed listening to C.S. Lewis' A Horse and His Boy. It rained off and on for the first couple of hours our our trip – but as it began to clear up we were treated to a faint rainbow. I took this picture while driving down the freeway – and the rainbows was very faint, but it looked just like we were driving to the end of the rainbow.
This picture is for Brad, when he rented a car we got a KIA, but when I rent cars I get the really nice ones, like the Gold Malibu!
We are excited to attend the TJED Forum for the next two days!

ps. MaryAnn always tells me no ponytails when I’m combing her hair, so I usually give in, but since Isaac brought me ponytail holders this morning I put them in her hair anyway. About 10 minutes later she came to me and said, “I like Ponytails!”

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