01 May 2012

I Love Homeschooling!

I love homeschooling for many reasons. I love being outside in the spring and enjoying the warm weather. I love snuggling in bed with my kids without worrying about the clock. I love teaching Kevin, my 6 year old, to read in bed before breakfast and then watching him practice reading with grandma and grandpa when we go visit. I love not worrying about getting home for bedtime. I love that MaryAnn, my 4 year old, wants to learn to read along with her brother and that when they enjoy it we do it and when it becomes to much we put reading aside for a day or a week or a month or more.

I am glad that Emily, my preteen, has the time and motivation to study the features of Kindles and Color Nooks and tablets as she tries to decide which one she wants to save her money for. I love that she works extra hard around the house doing my chores so she can earn money to save for whatever gadget she decides on. I love that she wakes up early so that she has time for indexing, and that she silently challenges me through her great example to index as well.

I am proud of Rebecca, my young woman, who gets herself up each morning to study python (a programming language), and the scriptures, with her best friend, over skype, hours before the rest of the family gets moving. I’m thrilled that she is motivated to learn about the constitution and our national government. I’m happy that she understands that she will need to take over some of MY jobs when our new baby joins our family in 2 months. I love that she is socially connected and that she uses her Facebook account to write down cute things her sibliings do and say, to communicate with her teachers and fellow students at co-op about homework assignments.

I love homeschooling, even on the days when I don’t, when my 11 year old son Isaac has asked me for the millionth time if he can do a science experiment, or build something, or, or, or, or . . . I love that kid. I love that he is home, with the freedom to explore the world his way, and not tied down to a desk, doing paper and pencil exercises and having his naturally inquisitive personality taken from him little by little each day. I love the way that Isaac cares for his Great Grandma, who lives with us. He disappears into her room as soon as we get home from anywhere to share with her our latest adventures. He always thinks about bringing her some treat home from an activity. I love that he is sensitive and has such a precious relationship that could be developed no other way than spending lots of time together.

I love that we are a family! I love that my husband works hard to support our family so that I can be home with my kids each day. I love homeschooling! I love our life!


lindamg said...

Nice article! Love you guys!

Simplymom said...

Great post. It will be fun to read more this month.

hayngrl101 said...

I love new babies! Congrats on your upcoming addition! I need some homeschooling advice...