30 May 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gift–For Homeschool Moms!


I met these 2 amazing ladies at the TJED Forum. They were passing out bookmarks with this Manifesto on them, and I loved it.

Not only did I love the words and the message, but I loved the design and the colors.

Of course, it got dumped in my bag with everything else.

A week or so later I was trying to come up with a Teacher Appreciation gift to pass out to all the wonderful Mom’s and teachers at our TEACH Co-op. I remembered this lovely manifesto and was so excited to find out that they had it available on their website as a free download with the challenge “If our manifesto resonates with you, take it and claim it as your own!”

I did just that, and made laminated bookmarks to pass out to my fellow teachers and homeschool Mom’s.

I now need to grab myself a copy and place it with my scriptures so I can read it everyday – and memorize it – because I Want to make it my Own. I want to become the kind of person it describes!

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