09 May 2012

Am I to busy? Do I want to know?

Did I mention that I am always busy. It isn’t that I have 5 kids and one on the way – it is just that I am a person who doesn’t like to be idle very much. I have finally come to terms with my need to take naps when I am pregnant, but if I don’t go to sleep within about 10 minutes I usually just get up and get at it again.

I always have about 15+ things that I am involved in, would like to be involved in, or have already started working on that I should finish. Right now I am in the middle of 2 big scrapbook projects, both which need to be finished in about a week. I also have a dress for MaryAnn cut out, ready to sew together, several books I’d like to read, a movie to watch with my girls, several webinars that I’d like to watch, emails to write, a menu to plan, oh, and did I mention I am pregnant and need to find the crib, the diapers, the baby clothes, etc.

I’ve been happily working away today, greatly assisted by one busy Emily, who has taken over a lot of the household chores that 2 weeks ago were my responsibility. I have gotten a lot done on my scrapbooking projects, we worked out in the yard for a little while, I took a nap (about 11 this morning) and in general I was feeling really good about everything that I had accomplished today. Until . . .

I realized that tomorrow is my day to teach at co-op, and I haven’t planned my lesson. Unfortunately, that is the way I usually am when it comes to my lesson prep. It isn’t the way that I want to be . . . I’d love to have everything planned out ahead of time, have my TJED Closet prepared to open in the morning and have an amazing school day with my kids.

I attended a class at the TJED Forum titled Your Core Phase: 7 Simple Steps to Being the Happiest, Most Powerful YOU so You Can Show Your Kids How by Mindy Heath. The first step she gave us was to find out 1)Who Are You? I found this interesting because at a recent DHSA Mother’s meeting we had talked about this concept of who were are, when we aren’t a homeschooling Mom, what do we like to do. It was a fun show and tell and we got to know each other on a different level. Our challenge was to spend some quiet time writing down everything that is on our plate, and how much time it takes. By everything she meant, physically, mentally, and spiritually, anything that we are responsible for, care about or worry about. As I was writing this brief list in my blog post I remembered this challenge, it seems scary to even begin to make a list like this, I think I will be overwhelmed.

I’m not ready to make this list tonight – I still have to finish preparing for tomorrows class.

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